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Changing Your Accountant

The process of changing accountants is relatively simple if you take the following steps:

You first need to write to your current accountant by email, unless they request a handwritten letter. You need to advise them that you are changing accountants to Good Accountancy and ask them to furnish us with any requested information.

You should also indicate if there is an expectation of work to be finalised prior to the handover.

We will need to have a record of your personal and limited company information, where relevant and also carry out an anti-money laundering check on you by law. We will need to have sight of and take copies of your personal identification to verify identity and address (e.g. passport or drivers’ licence, together with a recent utility bill or bank statement)

To authorise us to communicate with HMRC you will need to sign a new form 64-8 for both personal and company tax affairs, which we will provide.

We will send you a ‘Letter of Engagement’ which sets out the expectations and requirements between us and a copy of our ‘Terms & Conditions’.

We will write to your existing accountant requesting professional clearance, specifically asking that they confirm to us if there is any professional reason why we should not accept the appointment. The letter continues to request copies of accounts and tax records, tax returns and any other information we may need.

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